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Updated February 29th 2024

Hello and a warm welcome to our site.

Thank you so much for checking in on us; Nizlopi are on a long term pause, and to hear unreleased music of ours and support our musical lives, read on for a message from Luke:

Music is a way to turn domination in to love. I want to make the best music I can for you all and I’m needing support! So we've launched a Patreon community as a way of sharing my (Luke) and Nizlopi’s unreleased music with you and inviting you to be supporters of this mission.

Please join us if you can by clicking here:


We’ll share new music every month, host online gatherings, and coach songwriters. Please spread the word!

Go well Friends


Recorded over the course of two sold out nights in London, our live album is now available on Music Glue or iTunes!



Rarely on That Shore




Ont Sofa Sensible Music Sessions

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