Updated July 21st 2020

Hello and a warm welcome to our site.


Thank you so much for checking in on us. Are you feeling overwhelmed and needing some peace? Nizlopi have been conversing this winter; we’ve realised that the phase we’ve been in the last few years of doing a bit of Nizlopi now and then, has left us feeling unsettled, and that we are needing to fully focus on our other projects. So we are putting Nizlopi on a long term pause; Nizlopi now have no plans to tour, and will not be playing private, or public events, or hosting workshops.

We want to celebrate all we have created as a community, by releasing a ‘Best Of’ record, and including a couple of new songs (Covid has slowed us down a little with this, so expect this out in 2021; if interested please message us via the contact page here) And we also want to respect this moment by inviting you to share anything you want to with us either via our Facebook page here or if Facebook isn’t your thing, messaging us via our contact page here. Share a picture, a memory, something from the heart, a learning or a commitment to the future! If you want to! We want to mark this moment well :) There will be posts from John and I here too :)

Nizlopi has been such a delicious journey, made possible by a very wonderful community, and, We're looking forward to seeing where the journey takes all of us next as things transform. On that front Luke releases his new record 'Ecstatic bird in the burning' on 5th Feb 2021, and you can keep up with his journey here.

And Kieron (our manager) has a book about the Nizlopi journey in the pipes, you can connect with his blog here.

Go boldly friends, the world needs your full gifts!




Recorded over the course of two sold out nights in London, our live album is now available on Music Glue or iTunes!



Rarely on That Shore




Ont Sofa Sensible Music Sessions

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.